Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two new pieces, in progress

Hi, sorry it's really been inexcusably long since I last wrote. But at least it's not for want of making new pieces! I'll do a full post about these and more in a few weeks.  But here's just a couple videos of two pieces I am working on right now.

This first one has already been high-fired twice, in "red tomato" glaze.  I intended for it to be complete as it is here, but it just didn't look compositionally finished to me, so I'm working on some amendments. I'll call them "blue horns", for now.

This second one has only been bisque-fired.  I spent all day today sanding it, and I've yet to decide what color(s?) to glaze it.  You'd never know this piece is _not_ white stoneware - it's just very dusty because of the sanding.  "There must have been DUST on those mints!!!"

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