Friday, May 7, 2010

Triangle step vessel finished

The triangle-shape step vessel is finished, and here are some nice photos of it I took.  You'll recall, the first piece in this series was the square/box step vessel, and this is the second piece.  The next piece is about to be bisqued - the pointed oval shape step vessel - and there are some construction photos of that one below this post.
This guy is about 18 inches tall and just as wide, made of white stoneware spray-glazed with Nelson's Celedon, with a little "clear" Celedon sprayed over that.
It's the first piece I'm ever showing in an exhibit, of student works at Greenwich House Pottery - opening May 20.  It's for sale, but I priced it not to sell unless someone thinks I'll ever become well known as a ceramicist (or, as I said to my friend Jason, "ceramicister").

Monday, May 3, 2010

Building "pointed oval" step-vessel

Here's me (the unfortunately jowly guy on the right) working on the next piece in the basic-shapes step vessel series.  This is the "pointed oval" entry.  REmember, the first one, the box-shaped step vessel, had 4 sides and 4 points; triangle had 3 sides and 3 points (duh!); with this oval-esque shape (really a lozenge shape I guess) it will be 2 sides and 2 points.   So the question you may well ask - what is a 1-point, 1-sided shape?  Stay tuned...

The guy on the left is an amazing artist at Greenwich House whom I try to sit next to when I can, because he offers up incredibly useful advice, particularly on construction technique, whenever I need it (whether I know I need it or not) and helps move & lift things when two hands aren't enough.  His name is Yair (pronounced yah-EAR) and I'm very grateful for his continued help!  I'll post some images of his incredible sculpture sometime soon.

Here's a couple more shots later on, after the last (top) layer was placed:

Here is the piece turned upside down, trying to be a war-ship; and (spoiler alert!!) the final product...