Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The latest

My latest piece, tentatively titled "step-box vase":

When this piece was just out of the kiln, people at the pottery told their class instructor to take it down from the shelf so they could see the glazing, which they apparently admired.  The glazes?  Nelson's Celedon sprayed over Byrd Matte (also sprayed on), high-fired.   Clay body: white stoneware.   This piece is the first in what I plan to be a series of pieces which have multiple layers, each rotated about 30 degrees to one side of the layer below, using successively fewer sides (i.e., the next piece is triangles, since this one is squares).   What I learned making this piece:  the walls are too thin, which makes them unstable in firing - they appear much more warped after firing.  The 6th layer up actually became detached on two of its corners, and those corners fell onto the layer below - thankfully, the effect was symmetrical and I think the piece was made all the more interesting because of it - "happy accident"!

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