Sunday, March 21, 2010

A visit to Victoria & Albert Museum's ceramics collection

Hi.  I just got back from a trip to London, where I discovered that the Victoria & Albert Museum has the most unbelievable collection of ceramics, newly renovated.  3,000 pieces on display, along with exhibits about how the various varieties of ceramics have been made over the centuries, glazes, a reconstruction of a renown 20th Century U.K. potter's studio, a working pottery studio where visitors can watch students building pieces and museum restorers fixing up pieces from the collections.  And get this - this summer, another wing will open that, somehow, will put another 26,000 pieces on display.    Below, there's some links to V&A's website with a searchable database that's very user-friendly.  (PS - if anyone knows how to format a Blogger page to display more than one image on a row, let me know...)

Link to my complete photo album from V&A museum ceramics collection

Link to V&A porcelain 20th-21st Century

Link to V&A earthenware 20th-21st Century

Link to V&A stoneware 20th-21st Century

A few more samples from the photos I took there:

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