Saturday, January 8, 2011

Enough with the old series, onward spontaneously! GRIS sculpture finished!

I've named this piece "Gris" because of its color and because another artist in the studio said it reminded her of Juan Gris' work.  He happens to be my favorite Cubist painter.

After glazing: a very pale lavender-blue (china white over "don reitz green" glazes; high fire; "T1" sculpture clay)

 detail shots:
This is my first sculpture not in the "step-spiral" series, since I started that one (which I think is now finished...).  It's going so much faster because it's just attaching slabs together, whereas each layer of the spiral steps was like its own sculpture, which although they were simple, they had to be sorta perfect, and then I had to assemble all of those together, again with the idea of achieving a form as close to the perfect geometric form in my head.   This new one I had only a really vague notion of what it would look like finished, even after I had done the base.  Just sort of letting each step dictate itself as I work my way up.  I'm having more fun with it because it is more spontaneous and I can incorporate what might be mistakes and make them "happy accidents" - one of my favorite things about making art: you can transform accidents into assets in about two seconds.  

Before high-firing (after glazing: china white over "don reitz green")
Before bisquing:


Jason said...

It's beautiful! I really like how you expanded on your forms from the other pieces to make something completely new.

britta said...

love these...!